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Codename: Blank

2x05 Atop the Trembling Tower of Pisa!

Dec 25, 2020

Howard and Johnny attempt to catch Aida Sanantonio in Italy, but a misunderstanding brands Aida an Italian national hero. Now, Howard and Johnny must team up with an old ally to bring Aida to justice!

Made with elements from the podcast Sirenicide.

Dec 18, 2020

Various cast members of Codename: Blank discuss their favorite movies and TV shows! 


Edited by Brandon Greer

Dec 11, 2020

Howard, Johnny, Miss Dollarnickel, and Dr. Zheng get a free vacation to Grizzly World, the "least saddest place in Florida." But their fun is interrupted when Ozzy Possum shows up with sinister plans for the fairy tale theme park!

Made with elements from the podcast Sirenicide.